Why Kompanion

Working in Kompanion Bank allows you to experience:

  • unique corporate culture;
  • opportunity for professional growth and development;

  • taking initiative and pioneering proposals;

  • communication with colleagues, high profile experts and senior managers.

Kompanion Bank applies the principles of transparency and non-discrimination in its employment practices.

We practice a multi-step selection process in recruitment comprised of the following :

  • CV collection
  • Phone interview
  • Assessment of professional skills
  • Multiple interviews to determine the best fit for each candidate

growth and development

Kompanion Bank actively tracks your progress and develops new career opportunities for you. In our bank, every employee has excellent opportunities for development of their professional skills for building a successful and satisfying career.

The process of career progression is transparent and understandable to absolutely everyone. Planning your career path takes place during an annual staff appraisal based upon the results of a performance appraisal where the employee may request future positions in their area of interest, and may pursue these interests with a personal career development plan.

Primary principles of career progression:

- encouragement of rotation

At Kompanion Bank, career progression is on the basis of rotation between regions and management levels. Employees have a real chance to gain useful experience and skills and learn about the bank’s business in different regions.

- priority of internal candidates

Kompanion Bank is interested in career progression for its staff. It is not mere words – about 80% of appointments to management positions occur among internal candidates.