Mortage lending

For individuals for the purchase and construction of housing

  • Аk-Orgo” –a loan for individuals, wishing to buy a house / apartment, to purchase a land plot for housing construction, to build a house or to refinance a mortgage loan in another bank.
  • Housing loans jointly with the German Development Bank KFW

Loan terms

Interest rate

from 8% to 25.0% per annum *

Upfront  fee

from 0% to 2.0% of the loan amount



Loan term

up to and including 15 years

Loan amount

from 180 000 KGS to and including 7 000 000 KGS


Real estate and guarantee

Minimum contribution of a borrower

0% to 30% of the property to be purchased


* The effective interest rate is from 8.32%.

For more detailed information and calculation of the full cost of the loan, including the effective interest rate and all customer costs associated with obtaining a loan, contact our branches and savings banks.

Necessary documents to get a loan:

  • Passport of a borrower, guarantor and pledgor;
  • Documents confirming the income of a borrower and guarantors, depending on the source of loan repayment - a patent, certificate of a PE, a certificate of wages for the last 6 months, etc .;
  • Documents for collateral (if applicable) depending on the type of collateral provided - a certificate of real estate property, title documents for real estate, a certificate of registration of a vehicle, etc .;
  • Other documents as required by the Bank, depending on the type of loan.

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Annual Interest Rate

Monthly Payment:

Total Amount of Repayments:

Loan Repayment Schedule

Amount of payment

These are sample calculations. You can receive more precise loan calculations from our loan officers.

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