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Fruit orchard as income source

A rural man of Jargylchak village of Issyk-Kul oblast Tynchtykbek Adigineev was engaged in business activity with Kompanion more than seven years ago. Today Tynchtykbek is the owner of the bloomy orchard where he grows various apples, apricots and other fruit trees.


“At Soviet times, I used to work at the factory. I lost job upon the collapse of the Soviet Union. I have only 10 years of education at school, and when you are a tractor driver, it is impossible to find a job in the city. That is why I decided to move to a village,” – Tynchtyk told his story.

In 2007, Tynchtyk started working with Kompanion, the cooperation continues to this day. He bought seedlings and planted orchard with the help of loans and consultations of specialists, this orchard is the income source of his family today.

At the beginning, Tynchtykbek with his wife received training on gardening from Kompanion specialists. “When I bought this land plot, it was a waste and uncultivated land. I leveled the land by hand and did not even use farming techniques. Now there a lot trees at this place. Advices of the company agronomists helped a lot, I planted my orchard owing to knowledge I received from them. It was useful to find out how to plant apple trees and dried apricots, what distance should be between them, when they should be cut off.”

We started from a loan of small amount, as Tynchtykbek said, they had been afraid of taking the loan, doubting in opportunities of timely repayment of received funds, as the household just started improving and we did not expect any stable income. However, later we would increase loan amounts.

Tynchtyk thinks, the credit for his success goes largely to his family:
“Relatives always help. Whenever it is hard for me to work physically alone, they come for help, we get together and work.”

Our client is the perfect example of how hard work and right application of received knowledge lead to success.

“Through the cooperation with Kompanion, I reach success, orchard harvest is reaped, and it brings income. Profit from apricots reaches KGS 200-300K and the sale of apples is 60-70K. Part of the production we deliver in the village, special trucks come after apricots. We sell the rest at the market. Many people follow example of mine. For instance, my neighbor used to do nothing before, but when he saw how my things had gone well, he started working and doing gardening.”

In future, Tynchtykbek wants to develop his business and be engaged in animal husbandry at the same time:

“I have plans; there is a lot to do, thank God I have good heath, try to make efforts and work. Now I am thinking to build a barn, get the training on livestock management and I will raise stock.” 

For reference:

In 2014, staff veterinarians and agronomists of Kompanion conducted 2,560 trainings for inhabitants of 128 Kyrgyzstan villages. Kompanion specialists provided technical support to 37,000 clients.


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