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Meenetkich village, Chuy oblast

Berizat Imanalieva has been cooperating with Kompanion since 2005. She is taking her thirteenth loan and is successfully developing her business. In 2005, Berizat learned from her co-workers that Kompanion offered loans for development of agricultural business to residents of her village. At that time Berizat and her husband Melis had a small cattle farm, but they had to sell all the cattle, for their three sons were growing up and they needed money for education. Then the couple made a decision to take a group loan to buy a cow. In a year's time, the family successfully repaid the loan and took another one to buy a horse and build a shed. The cattle were producing offspring, and the family’s income was gradually increasing. The family planted an apple garden. Melis actively consulted with Kompanion’s agronomist, because the family did not have access to other sources of information on how to look after dwarf trees. The agronomist’s recommendations on tree trimming and pest control were useful and effective. The family started to receive regular income selling apples, milk and meat.

Thanks to proper planning of the family’s expenses and financial literacy knowledge, which the couple received from Kompanion too, the family was able to increase income and build a good-quality house.

"Sometimes I cannot believe that such things do really happen. We lived in a small room made of sun-dried bricks before. Now we have a huge house!" Berizat shared when proudly taking us over her house. "A veterinarian from Kompanion recommended that we invest a part of the money from the recent loan in the purchase of beehives and start a bee-keeping business," Melis added. "I decided to give it a try, bought some beehives and placed them in the garden. It is useful for pollination of the garden, and the honey is so delicious. We eat the honey at home and sell it on the market too at 350 soms per kilo. I ended up being so much involved in the bee raising process that I want to expand the new business and buy ten more beehives," he continued on his future plans. 

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