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Sheep breeding by the example of a home mini farm

Kochkor village, Naryn oblast

Jazdagul Borbukova is Kompanion’s client, an entrepreneur and a mother of three. When her family started to experience shortage of money, Jazdagul made a decision to start a business of sheep fattening and breeding. Her family had a shed by that time. They needed investments to buy cattle. In 2014, Jazdagul’s husband learned from his colleagues that Kompanion not only provided funds but gave free-of-charge consultations on livestock production too. Jazdagul reached out to Kompanion’s experts who helped her calculate potential expenses for purchase of cattle and feed and provided information about cattle feeding diet and standards of preparing animals for grazing. Being impressed by a serious approach of Kompanion’s experts, Jazdagul took a loan for purchase of sheep. In a year's time, sheep produced offspring. The flock of sheep increased almost twofold. By that time Jazdagul had already repaid her first loan. She took a repeat loan in 2015 to expand her business. In 2016, taking a cue from Kompanion’s veterinarian, she is preparing her flock for grazing on remote pastures.


"I’m proud that being only 30 I have my own business, even though it’s small that brings regular income. Besides, my children become used to work diligently from a young age. My eldest son (he is 12), already helps me feed sheep," Jazdagul shares with a smile.

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