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Making felt crafts: a stable income from your favorite hobby

Aitbubu Chomoeva spent 30 years as a school teacher.However, her favorite hobby was always making felt products.  Fingering felt Aitbubu was taught by her mother in her childhood.  Aitbubu, for many years, has filled her hand and learned all the subtleties of this skill.  At first she made toys for herself, when she grew up, began to give the products to friends.  When there was a family of her own, the foreman managed to be interested in embroidering even two of her little sons, but with age their interest disappeared. Aitbubu, on the contrary, it only intensified.  15 years ago her hobby began to bring a small income.  Everyone knew that the woman was a great masteress and ordered her products as a gift.  And after retiring, Aitbubu fully devoted herself to her favorite occupation.  The husband supported his wife in her quest to open her own business.  "My first loan, which I took in the Kompanion Bank, was spent on buying an embroidery machine.  With her appearance, the process of making felt products has significantly accelerated. In 2016 I rented a small store in the market of our city.  I had my own regular customers and the goods began to be sold faster.  Customers buy  slippers and hats often, "- says the woman.

After spending all day behind the counter, in the evening the needlewoman again sits down for work: "I put my soul into every article and do not notice how time flies by work.  For example, in order to make one pair of earrings from felt, it takes about three hours.  But for me it's just a joy! "

Aitbubu confesses that she would exchange the time that goes into preparing dinner or other household chores, to spend an extra hour handicrafts.  With money from a favorite business, it was possible to significantly improve the living conditions and complete the house. In the plans for a woman buying her own store.  "When you do what you like, success will come!  And the income will also appear soon, "Aitbubu is sure.

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