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Dreams come true: a big store instead of a small kiosk on the bazaar


Issyk Kul

Akzholtoy Imakeeva - the owner of a grocery store in the center of the city of Karakol.  A woman from Kochkor, who has been living and working in a beautiful tourist city for more than 25 years on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul.  Akzholtoy has two adult children who have established their families and have lived separately for a long time.  The whole business Akzholtoy leads independently.

 "I used to have a point of sale in the local market. In the cold and in the heat it was necessary to stand at the counter.  Therefore, I always dreamed of owning a store.  After I took a group loan from the Kompanion Bank for business development, my dream came true, "the woman says.

 More comfortable conditions for trade were appreciated not only by the owner of the business, but also by customers who became more comfortable to make purchases, as the assortment of the goods significantly expanded.  From floor to ceiling on the shelves, there is everything that a sophisticated customer may need.  Laying out the goods, selling, buying from companies that bring their products and a friendly conversation with customers - an energetic woman has time for everything!  One more working day flies by unnoticed.

 Akzholtoy assures that she does not have any special secret of success: "We must work hard and then success will not keep you waiting.  Work and you will be on top! "

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