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Clothing retail: business in the market of Naryn

Gulnara Azarova and Alyi Musurova are friends and business partners.  They together sell clothes in the  market located in Naryn.  Women 15 years ago created a group and took a micro loan, which was spent on the purchase of goods. Even now two friends containers are located close to each other.  Gulnara and Alyi do not compete with each other, but try to help and support each other.

Gulnara Azarova engaged in trade for more than 15 years.  At the moment she has her own container.

"At the very beginning of business development, the main problem for me was to find the means to buy clothes.  My first loan was the solution to this problem.  I take a loan in Kompanion already for the fifteenth time and always the goal is one - working capital.  With this money, I buy goods in Bishkek, in the Dordoi market, and then resell in my city.  After all, not every resident of Naryn has the opportunity to go to the capital to dress himself and his family members.  Purchase of goods must be done every week. This is the way I conduct my business, "- says Gulnara.

The woman was an early widow.Before the death of her husband, the husband helped her now I have to do all the work myself.  Gulnara has two daughters and a son, whom she was able to send to receive higher education in China.  Gulnara admits that her happiness is in the well-being of her children.

 "My advice to beginning businessmen: start with small amounts, carefully plan everything and gradually boost sales.  By doing business this way, you can avoid large losses at the very beginning.  And then, after gaining experience, you will become successful in your business.

Alyi Musurova she graduated from the trade school with a degree in "Goods expert".  All the subtleties of the profession Alyi knows to the smallest detail.  Since 1993 a woman has been involved in retail business.

"Thanks to the loans from the Kompanion Bank, I was able to become the owner of my own business. Before I was employed as sales person, now I have own business.  To work for oneself is happiness in own way.  Along with the development of business, it has been possible to improve the living conditions of my family.  We bought a car and a house in Bishkek.  Not all at once, of course, but with the years it only gets better.  Now my main goal and task is to raise grandchildren.  I have three of them. " Alyi  says that the secret of success for her was determined only by one: "Do not be lazy, work hard.  After all, this is the only way to avoid bankruptcy and achieve something in life! "



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