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Jumabay Alymkulov graduated from Bishkek Automobile Engineering College in 1981 and came back to his home village to teach engineering in college #39 of Toktogul region. But the collapse of Soviet Union turned his life upside down.
Part of this change was working in agriculture. In 1996 Jumabay started to do field husbandry to feed his family. And three years ago, he started livestock farming. 

Today Jumabay owns a own small poultry farm growing egg-laying hens. Every day he gets 150-180 eggs which he sells for 6 som per egg in the local market if sales are good. The abundant chicken manure is not wasted either. Jumabay uses it as an effective organic fertilizer on his plot to increase crop capacity. 

The poultry business started when Jumabay first visited informational meeting in the village Aral organized by Kompanion Development Department. Jumabay immediately took an interest in growing laying hens as he knew nobody else in the region had done so. He persistently visited Kompanion’s office to get consultations from veterinarian on different aspects of hens growing. He learned how to feed, how to build hen coop and how to calculate profitability of eggs production. Here he was provided with address details of nursery farms where he bought 200 hens of the Hy Line breed and coop equipment. 
Jumabay continues to visit Kompanion office for consultations. "I have learned a lot of new things," Jumabay said. "Now I know much more about making my plot of land more profitable. I can choose the best quality seeds and learned to use organic fertilizers and fight plant pests without help of pesticides."

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