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Our next hero’s story is undoubtedly an example of his endless love of his native land patriotism at its best. This story follows one man's success and shows his efforts to bring his neighbors similar success.

Jayloobai Mamatov lives in the village Darhan on the southern shore of Issyk-Kul lake. He joined the Gardens and Plastics Project in 2007 and is now one of the most active participants of all related projects and initiatives. Jalloobai is a group mobilizer. In 2009 it was him who took the lead and organized the Annual Apple Festival in his home village of Darhan.  

Jailoobai is an agricultural economist and in Soviet times he worked as a chairman of kolkhoz (Soviet collective farm). Such a position illustrated his dedication to the development of his community. Jailoobai didn’t lose this dedication even after the collapse of the Soviet Union. When the Gardens and Plastics Project was implemented in his village, he gladly used this chance to help his neighbors learn from experts to improve their well-being.   
"I participate actively in all Kompanion initiatives, I mobilize people; we have held many trainings in my house. Recently Kompanion veterinarians held the trainings on the processing and storing of dairy products and our women learned to make homemade cheese," Jailoobai told us.     
Jailoobai has two orchards. The old one is in the homestead and the new one, which he planted in 2007, is on a stony patch of land in front of his house.
"In our village we didn’t have the share lands to get and I had no other choice rather than to cultivate this rocky patch of land. I cleared the soil from the stones, laid irrigation canals and enriched the soil with the help of Kompanion’s specialists. Then I took my first loan and bought seedlings in a nursery. As you can see, I grow everything here: apples, pears, apricots, peaches, plums and currants in the space between rows. This year the currants gave a good yield and I earned a good profit."
Jailoobai also sells other fruits from his garden. His fruits are in great demand in local and Russian and Kazakh markets.
"I do not use any chemical fertilizers; everything is ecologically clean and safe, which is why our fruits are in demand. We do not buy any products for ourselves. In my orchard I grow everything that we need: vegetables, fruits and berries, we have cattle which give us meat and milk and also we have a plot of land were we grow potato and wheat for sale. We do even grow the hay for our cattle. What else does a man need for happiness?!" Jailoobai told us with a big smile.
Five of Jailoobai's children and his neighbors also participate in Kompanion's trainings and initiatives. Jailoobai himself participates in all apple festivals held by Kompanion.
Jailoobai, Mukelen and Kabylbek are just a minor part of all the participants of the Apple and Gardens and Plastics projects that have succeeded. We wish them further success and prosperity. 




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