Financial literacy quest took place in Bishkek

19 March 2018

Kompanion Bank was one of the sponsors of the financial literacy quest that took place in Bishkek on March 17 as part of the Global Money Week.

About 40 students aged 12-16 have participated in the quest. The participants were to visit several educational stations and deal with thrilling financial challenges. For each right answer, the students received quest money “bilims” (means “knowledge” in Kyrgyz). At the final auction, “bilims” could be changed for actual prizes—deposit certificates, financial board games or bookshop gift certificates.

The following participants have won deposit certificates for KGS 5,000, 4,000 and 3,000 from Kompanion Bank:

  • Junusova Begimay (a student of the secondary school No. 38, Bishkek)
  • Talantbekova Jypara (a student of the secondary school No. 1, Bishkek)
  • Djumabekov Elgiz (a student of the secondary school No. 6, Kara-Balta).

Djumabekov Elgiz, one of the winners, shares his thoughts about the quest: “I missed the chance to register for the quest last year. I was really upset. Therefore, as soon as I saw the announcement of the event this year, I immediately filled out an application for participation.  I really liked the lecture on the importance of saving money and it was also interesting to solve the proposed tasks.  In addition, I met with guys from other schools.  And of course, a nice surprise was waiting us - the opening of the deposit "The Future Millionaire" for the amount of 3000 soms in the Kompanion Bank.  Thanks to the organizers for this opportunity!  I believe that the information obtained will be very useful for me in the future. In my opinion, in our time, the success is achieved by the one who owns the knowledge!  I understand that it is important to plan your incomes and expenses correctly.  A couple of years ago I really wanted a bicycle and was able to save for my dream!"

Senti Financial Company (assignments, content, and trainings) and the Institute for Development Policy (format of the game and electronic gaming bank) organized this event.

Partners: the initiative group for holding Global Money Week 2018 under the coordination of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Sponsors: Kompanion Bank CJSC, Halyk Bank Kyrgyzstan.

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