Nationwide. Kompanin Bank conducted the World Savings Week

31 October 2018
Nationwide. Kompanin Bank conducted the World Savings Week

Kompanion Bank was actively involved in the World Savings Week initiated by the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic and the German Savings Banks Foundation.

During the project, which took place in October 2018, the Bank’s team conducted 44 financial literacy trainings in the remote regions of the county. In total, 642 schoolchildren and 232 parents participated in the trainings. The trainings provided insights on how to draw up your personal financial plan, manage your family budget and consume sustainably.

Open Days were conducted in 35 Bank’s offices all over Kyrgyzstan, which attracted more than 1,000 people. Visitors were given tours around the Bank where they got a glimpse of how Kompanion works, learned more about the history of the Kyrgyz national currency and about the overall development of the banking system. Kids took part in quizzes and workshop sessions and received presents from Kompanion Bank and the German Savings Banks Foundation.

Dordoi Plaza 2 Mall hosted the Financial Fair on October 28. Kompanion Bank employees conducted a training session for the visitors where they provided information on how to save, accumulate and maximize funds, and use financial tools wisely.

The World Savings Days is an annual event celebrated on October 31, which was first initiated in 1924 during the 1st International Savings Bank Congress.

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