Community-focused Bank

12 June 2019

We are happy to announce that in May 2019 the Bank released  a brochure called “Community-Focused Bank” that provids a detailed profile of all development initiatives of the Bank and what the Bank has achieved in 15 years.

Consistent with its Mission, Kompanion Bank provides socially responsible financial services contributing to greater economic and social well-being of clients and communities and environmental protection. In pursuance of the Mission, in 2010, the Bank established a special-purpose in-house Community Training & Support Department consisting of 30 accomplished agronomists and veterinarians. They provide consultations and free trainings to farmers living in the remote regions of the country.

As defined by Kompanion Bank’s Business Strategy 2019–2021, we will continue to provide both banking and non-financial services to strengthen local communities and facilitate their socioeconomic development. In the near term, the Kompanion team will focus on the Financial Inclusion Program for Unbanked Communities & Migrants. The Program will help foster a family budgeting and savings culture among communities.

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