15 July 2020

Dear Clients!

For your convenience and in order to reduce the number of social contacts, we recommend using the remote services of Kompanion Bank, which are available for customers 24/7:

  • Kompanion E-Wallet

-replenishment of accounts, deposits, cards and repayment of loans (including other banks and MCCs)

-payment of fines

-payment for utilities, mobile communications, internet and schools

-replenishment of VISA, MasterCard and MIR cards issued in the Russian Federation

-replenishment of ELCART cards of any bank through E-Wallets and QIWI terminals

-transfers to RF to QIWI

-transfers to other E-Wallets and other 300+ services

  • VISA and Elcard payment cards

-online payments and cash withdrawal in the partner network of DemirBank ATMs 24/7

-receiving money transfers from Russia to Kompanion Bank cards through the applications “Sberbank Online” and “Zolotaya Korona”

  • Internet banking and mobile banking

-View the balance of the deposit / account, accrued interest

-replenishment of accounts, deposits, cards and repayment of loans (including other banks and MCC)

-closing an existing deposit in Internet banking by transferring to cards and cashing out through ATM

-transfers to the accounts of companies and individuals of any banks in Kyrgyzstan and other countries

-payment of fines and taxes

-payment for utilities, mobile communications, internet and schools and other 300+ services

  • Payment terminals of Kompanion Bank and partner terminals Pay24, QuickPay and UMAI, О!, Оңой.

- replenishment of an electronic E-Wallet, accounts, deposits, cards and repayment of loans (including other banks and MCC)

-payment for utilities, mobile communications, Internet and schools and other 500+ services

  • Kompanion Bank official website

-online loan application

-online application for opening payment cards

-online application for opening a deposit

-online consultations via built-in chat (including WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram Direct)


Opportunity of payment terms revision:

In view of the global scale of COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on economic activity in the country, Kompanion Bank will support Kyrgyz entrepreneurs who have suffered financial loss due to introduced restrictive measures to combat coronavirus infection. The Bank will provide an opportunity to revise the terms and conditions of loan repayments. All applications for revision will be considered individually and will be analyzed in detail to take unbiased measures to relieve financial pressure on borrowers.

In order to revise the loan repayments terms, an individual application should be submitted to the bank operating office or via of Customer Support Service’s WhatsApp number.  WhatsApp application can be written in any form, containing your Full Name, contact mobile numbers and the copy of passport. WhatsApp number of Customer Support Service: 0770 33 88 00.

For more detailed advice on revising the terms of payments, we recommend that you contact your direct loan officer or the head of the lending sector in your region.

Loan repayment methods

  • Kompanion E-Wallet:

Wallet identification is not required for loan repayment, you should just download the app from Google Play/AppStore and type in the loan number in the Loan section >>Loan repayment (lower limit KGS 1 000, upper limit KGS 15 000).

If the customer wants to see his/her repayment schedule, the amount and number of the loan account – the full identification should be completed: Go to Settings >>> Personal information >>>> Online identification >>>> Enter the TIN and passport number >>>> Attach the passport photo (in case of coincidence of personal data, we will carry out identification remotely or a specialist will contact customer for clarification).

  • ELCART Mobile

If you have an ELCARD plastic card, you can add it to your ELCARD Mobile app and make loan repayment charge free.  

  • Other E-Wallets and mobile banking

-O!Деньги: commission 1.5%

-ELSOM: commission 1.5%

-Balance: 5 KGS

-MBank: commission 1.5%

-RSK24: commission 1%

  • Payment terminals

-Kompanion Bank: Commission 0%

-Pay 24: commission 2.5%

-Quickpay / Megacom: commission 2%

-UMAI: commission 1%

-O!: commission 1.5%

-Оңой: commission 2%

  • Internet / Mobile Banking:

Commission 0%

-Allows customers to remotely pay and control accounts opened with Kompanion Bank

  • Kompanion Bank Offices


Deposits of Kompanion Bank customers are under reliable protection and insured by the State Agency for the Protection of Deposits. With an authorized capital of more than one billion soms, Kompanion Bank guarantees stable financial stability in the current economic situation and the accrual and payment of interest on deposits to all customers in accordance with the terms of agreements.

Remote services operate 24/7, thanks to which you have access to your accounts and secure management of your personal finances without visiting the Bank:

Kompanion E-Wallet - by connecting an electronic E-Wallet, you do not have to worry about the safety of your deposit and you can track movements on your account / deposit, control the accrued interest and replenish the deposit.

Internet / Mobile Banking - by connecting to Internet / Mobile Banking, you can:

-check the safety / availability of your deposit

-receive an account / deposit statement

-remove accrued interest from the deposit by transferring it yourself to your card


All bank outlets continue its operation. The list of the Bank's branches and working hours can be found at the link:

Information about the nearest offices, connecting remote services and any other information can be obtained from the Customer Support Service at (312) 33-88-00, 88 00 (calls from mobile operators of the Kyrgyz Republic are free).


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