Kompanion Bank is implementing a cultural project "Art of valuing traditions."

28 April 2016

Kompanion Bank, City Life Group and the Union of Artists of the Kyrgyz Republic within the frames of the announced Year of history and culture in Kyrgyzstan are implementing a non-commercial project “Art of valuing traditions.” The project contributes to popularize the cultural heritage of the country, increase interest in domestic fine art, and improvement of the urban space appearance. The idea of the project is to place the reproductions of Kyrgyz artists’ paintings, which are united by a common theme, at the bus stops of the city center.  Over the course of a month, city dwellers will be able to admire the paintings, reflecting national traditions and distinct culture of the Kyrgyz people, created by prominent contemporary artists.

Also, on the 29th and 30th of April, within the frames of the project, there will an exhibition “Ethnics from the viewpoint of contemporaries,” at the “Oak Park” exhibition hall of the Union of Artists  named after S.A. Chuikov. These well-known artists of Kyrgyzstan will attend the exhibition: Saty Adyshev, Adilbek Baiterekov, Kadir Bekov, Ormonali Idirisov, Petr Kurinskih, Jirgal Maturaimov, Erkin Saliev and Bekten Usubaliev. 

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