3 April 2020

Dear Clients,

Kompanion Bank continues its operation and provides communities with access to the financial services needed for business and individual purposes. To ensure the safety of employees and customers, the Bank takes all necessary preventive measures including:

Bank branches* 

  • All branches of the Kompanion Bank undergo intensive sanitation: wet cleaning and disinfection of offices at least 2 times a day, complete disinfection of client areas by the sanitary and epidemiological services during non-working hours of branches once a week.
  • All branches are provided with disinfectants available at the entrance to the offices.
  • Bank peripheral devices (ATMs, terminals) undergo regular sanitary processing. ATMs have disinfectants for hand treatment before and after using the device.

Bank clients

  • The Bank determined the procedure and safe number of customers in the service area to prevent crowding and maintain the necessary distance between customers and employees.
  • Clients without personal protective equipment are not allowed in bank branches. If the client does not have a medical mask, the mask is provided by the bank. All clients must mandatory use disinfectants available at the entrance to the bank, and in case of branches located in the emergency zones – undergo body temperature measurement.

Bank employees

  • To minimize the risks of infection and spread of the virus, the maximum possible number of bank employees are transferred to remote work from home.
  • Employees involved in direct customer service and not able to work remotely are provided with personal protective equipment and transportation to (from) the branch.
  • All shuttle buses used for employee transportation, regularly undergo sanitization.

*See operation schedule of the branches

Take care of yourself and beloved ones!

For more detailed information please contact Customer Support by: 0 (312) 33-88-00, 88 00 (free-toll for all local operators).

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