How to send money from Russia and Kazakhstan to Kyrgyzstan free of charge?

28 July 2020

Now users of Kompanion Wallet app from Kompanion Bank can receive quick money transfers via QIWI Wallet and QIWI Terminals located in Russia and Kazakhstan free of charge.

By replenishing Kompanion Wallet via QIWI Wallet and QIWI Terminals in Russia and Kazakhstan, users can minimize social contacts and have access to financial operations 24/7 without having to visit bank offices.

New digital opportunities allow you to save considerable amount of time and enjoy smooth user experience that will surprise you with fast speed and hassle-free replenishment features of Kompanion Wallet. All you need to do is to get Kompanion Wallet (for receiver) (download for free), download QIWI Wallet (for sender) on Google Play or the AppStore, and be an identified user of both e-wallets.

How to top up Kompanion Wallet via QIWI Wallet and QIWI Terminals from Russia and Kazakhstan?

1. Open the home page of QIWI Wallet or QIWI Terminal, choose “Payments and Transfers” or type “Kompanion” in the search bar;
2. Next, choose “Wallet-to-wallet transfers;

3. Scroll down and tap “Replenishment of Kompanion Wallet;
4. Enter amount and wallet number;

5. Choose a payment option:

  • Wallet or bank card, if you are making a payment via QIWI Wallet;
  • Wallet, bank card or cash, if you are making a payment via QIWI Terminal.

The replenishment of Kompanion Wallet is free of charge (the fee is 0%). Currency conversion is made at the current exchange rates of the Bank.

Maximum amount of transfers:

Daily limit – RUB 100,000; monthly limit – RUB 200,000.


For details, call 0 (312) 33-88-00 or 88 00 (toll-free for mobile in KR), or head over to Kompanion Bank’s official website:   

QIWI is a leading provider of new-generation payment and financial services in Russia and CIS countries, which owns an integrated payment network that allows making payments through mobile, online and offline channels. The network includes over 22.5 million virtual wallets and over 134,000 terminals and payment kiosks. QIWI services allow merchants and clients to accept payments and make transfers in cash or in electronic form in the amount of 124+ billion Rubles, bringing together more than 42 million clients that use QIWI services at least once a month. QIWI clients can use cash, prepaid cards and other non-cash payment methods to pay for goods and services or make money transfers using online and offline payment instruments.

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