Giving the good: A visit to Belovodskyi orphanage

10 June 2017

June 10 – A summer Saturday became a special day for Kompanion Bank staff. We visited Belovodskyi pre-school orphanage.

We brought some presents for kids: sweets, toys and clothes. The most important thing for us was to spend some time with the kids who turned out to be less fortunate than other children. Therefore, after getting to know the little inhabitants of the orphanage, we started to play various games with them. Elder kids were excited about playing with the ball and badminton, while little ones were playing in the playpit with the visitors. Then, all together, we blew colorful soap bubbles. In a nutshell, everyone really enjoyed the pleasure of communicating with each other!

 “Kompanion staff has been supporting our orphanage since 2006. We really appreciate that there are such caring people and companies in the world that help us and other similar children’s institutions,” shared Gorohova Anna Gennadyevna, Director of Belovodskyi pre-school orphanage. 


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