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Visa payment cards

Visa Payment Cards

Kompanion Bank’s Visa international payment cards allow you to shop online, make payments at retail outlets and withdraw cash from ATMs anywhere in the world 24/7. In addition, you can control your expenses through online banking or bank statements. And that’s just a few things Visa can do.          

With the help of Kompanion Bank’s Visa you can:

  • pay for goods and services at retail and service outlets;
  • make safe online payments using 3D-Secure technology;
  • withdraw cash regardless of your account currency;
  • get mini statements;
  • always be aware of all your transactions with email and text message notifications;
  • receive money via VISA Direct money transfers;
  • safely use and keep your money; and
  • make contactless payments with Visa payWave technology.

1. Visa Classic is an embossed debit card based on Visa international payment system.  This is a safe and convenient way to withdraw and keep cash in KGS/USD. With Visa Classic, you can make wire payments for goods and services. VISA Classic cards are produced using the chip technology, which is by far the most secure solution.

2. Visa Classic Quick has got all the main advantages of Visa Classic. The main difference is that Visa Classic Quick is issued immediately, right after signing of the agreement. This is a quick-issue Visa Unembossed card, which does not bear a card holder’s name.

Visa Classic and Visa Classic Quick Key Features:

Visa Classic currency

Visa Classic Quick currency



Validity period

3 years

Required documents

  • Application for opening an account
  • Application for card emission
  • Application for Internet Banking
  • ID

3. Visa "Salary project" payment card is a debit card based on Visa Classic, which is intended for employees of commercial organizations for receipt of salaries. 

VISA Salary project card advantages for organization:

  • Reduction of company's expenses for salary and cash management operations;
  • Cash storage and transportation are minimized, cash is available to employees' accounts;
  • Employees salary information confidentiality;
  • Individual approach to each organization when setting tariffs.

Advantages for employees:

  • Timely payment of salaries, lack of queues and the possibility of receiving wages in a wide network of payment devices of Kompanion Bank, as well as a friendly network of DemirBank that is availabe 24/7;
  • Cash withdrawal in KGS and / or US dollars;
  • Ability to carry out non-cash purchases through the Internet, as well as contactless payments in trade and service enterprises;
  • Cash withdrawal anywhere in the world, regardless currency of card account.

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