Private Customers

Development services

Kompanion Bank is the only bank in Kyrgyzstan that has a development team dedicated to assisting local communities. Consisting of 22 highly qualified agronomists and veterinarians, Kompanion Bank’s unique integrated approach, provides a blend of financial products and business development services, and allows clients to increase their crop and livestock productivity using an ethno-ecological approach to the management of natural resources and business assets.

We have several approaches for delivering business development services to households.

free consultations for clients

Our development services are integrated with financial products. We do more than provide funds. We follow up with clients for financial education, including consultations on the development of farmers’ agricultural businesses. Consultations include the following: increasing crop productivity; enhancing livestock productivity; information about seed farms and nurseries; cost-effective agricultural practices; advice on prevention of incidental situations; recommendations for soil and water conservation; recommendations for crop harvesting and storage and more.

smart investments

In order to strengthen the integration of financial products and business development services, the development team has developed and implemented the “smart investments” concept, which means clear and concise business ideas followed by descriptive technical materials that reflect the backbone of the idea and provide basic return on investment calculations. 

We offer information on how to use cost-effective agricultural practices, how to improve production and marketing, and business methods that require minimum contribution of human and financial capital, but result in increased earnings, greater crop yields,  production scale-up, and increased food security. This allows our clients to develop their businesses and reduce the influence of unfavourable events on their households.