How to replenish the ELCARD from Russia

Via QIWI e-wallet and QIWI self-service

Via QIWI e-wallet

  • You should have QIWI e-wallet registered in Russia terminals

Via QIWI self-service  

Wide network of terminals across Russia!

  • To find the necessary service please type ELCARD in the search panel on the menu. You will see the «ELCARD replenishment to Kyrgyzstan 0%” on the pop-up window. 0%». 

ELCARD replenishment service is free of charge, 0% fee.  

The client can see the currency exchange rate and the total sum as of the transaction time.

The following tariffs are applied to cash withdrawals from ELCARD:

  • 0,2% of the total sum for ELCARD issued by Kompanion Bank;
  • xx % of the total sum for ELCARD issued by other banks (please find out more information on their official websites).

 Maximum amount of remittances:

  • for unidentified QIWI e-wallet clients:
    RUB 5 000 per day, RUB 20 000 per month;
  • for identified QIWI e-wallet clients:
    RUB 100 000 per day, RUB 200 000 per month.

To get your payment card please submit the application below:

      Card application

*Информация о выпуске платежных карт и тарифы по обслуживанию