KyrSEFF consumer loan "Residential Sector"

Insulate your house and receive grant up to 20 %

Kompanion Bank offers loans within KyrSEFF program (Energy efficiency loans in Kyrgyz Republic). KyrSEFF energy efficiency loans subsidize up to 20 % loan amount. For example, by receiving 2000 000 KGS loan intended for home insulation, clients can receive 400 000 KGS as subsidy.

Loans use:

  • for purchase of energy efficient windows, insulation of balcony and sunrooms
  • exterior insulation: wall, roof and floor
  • installation and renewal of heating system, air conditioners, solar energy systems,
  • installation and purchase of water saving technologies, solar batteries
  • other works related to energy  and water efficiency in living houses and apartments
  • for other needs related to KyrSEFF program

From 20.03.2020, maximum loan amount up to KGS 20,000

Loan amount

from 10 000 up to 2 000 000 KGS



Interest rate 

From 19% *

Loan period 

from 3 months up to 5 years

Upfront  fee

no commission

Loan grant

Up to 20 % from loan amount

*effective interest rate 28,29%

** For more information visit bank offices or contact call center: (312) 33-88-00, 88 00 (for mobile phones). 

Documents needed to receive a loan:

  • Passports of a borrower, a guarantor, and a pledgor;
  • Income documents of a borrower and guarantors, depending on a loan repayment source: patent, self-employed entrepreneur’s certificate, salary certificate for the last three months, etc.;
  • Collateral documents (if applicable), depending on a type of provided collateral: technical passport of immovable property, title documents for property, vehicle registration certificate, etc.;
  • Other documents as requested by the Bank, depending on a loan type.

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