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Advantages of SWIFT money transfer system:

  • This system is well-known and is available in all countries worldwide;
  • Sending money with no limitations for amounts;
  • Sending money to both private individuals and legal entities;
  • Sending money in many currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, KZT, CNY, GBP, CHF;

The cost of outgoing SWIFT transfers in Rubles is RUB 200 regardless of the amount!

  Tarrifs of SWIFT money transfer system 

Advantages of Zolotaya Korona (‘Golden Crown’) money transfer system:

  • Low fees for transfers to/from Russia and CIS countries; 
  • Sending money in RUB, USD or EUR; 
  • Receiving money within several seconds after delivery; 
  • 40K payment outlets all over Russia and CIS countries;
  • Specifying a destination country and city/town is enough to send money. A remittee chooses a payment outlet that is convenient for him/her;

Money transfer from Golden Crown system to card:

  •  direct money transfers to Kompanion Bank Elcard cards;    
  • saves time – no need to queue up at the cash desk to receive money transfers;      
  • 24/7 withdrawals via ATMs;   
  • received money transfers can be used for merchant payments;   
  • three percent (3%) per annum interest on balance above KGS 3,000.


- maximum money transfer amount – RUB 100,000;   
- daily limit – 2 transfers per day;   
- monthly limit – 10 transfers per month.

 Tariffs of Zolotaya Korona "Golden Crown" money transfer system      

    Tariffs for money transfers to Kompanion Bank Elcard cards

Advantages of Contact money transfer system:

  • Wide presence - more than 400K outlets in Russia, as well as CIS and non-CIS countries;
  • Sending money in RUB, USD and EUR;
  • Promptness;
  • Low fees depending on amounts transferred;

Tariffs of Contact money transfer system



Advantages of Western Union money transfer system:

  • service points are available in more than 200 countries;
  • transfers are made in rubles and dollars;
  • it is easy to send money, to receive - easier;
  • transfer fee depends on the amount and destination of transfer;

Tariffs of Western Union money transfer system

Advantages of UNISTREAM

  • Send or receive money in RUB, USD or EUR
  • Global presence (including Russia and CIS countries) with 100,000+ UNISTREAM and partner bank offices
  • Send or receive money at a specific or any UNISTREAM/partner bank office
  • Customer-friendliness
  • Check a status of your payment and calculate a transfer fee online via UNISTREAM website.

Schedule of fees


Bizdin Kompanion, a money transfer provider, makes it quick and easy to transfer money within the country without opening a bank account.

Advantages of Bizdin Kompanion

  • Flexibility. Send or receive money in KGS, USD, EUR or RUB
  • Low fees
  • Promptness. Delivery within four minutes 
  • Convenience. Transfers done without an account 
  • Proximity. Kompanion’s extensive branch network of over 100 branches and offices throughout the country
  • Simplicity. Standard identification is sufficient to send or receive funds
  • Reliability. The Bank guarantees safe delivery of funds

Schedule of fees 


up toKGS 40,000 

KGS 40*****

overKGS 40,000

0.1% of remittance amount*****


up toUSD 400

USD 0.6

overUSD 400

0.15% of remittance amount


up to EUR 335

EUR 0.5

over EUR 335

0.15% of remittance amount


up to RUB 27 000

RUB 40

RUB 27 000 – RUB 100 000

0.15% of remittance amount

over RUB100 000

0.3% of remittance amount

*In some outlets, ad ditional cash deposit fees may be charged

Tariffs of "Bizdin Kompanion" money transfer system