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Advantages of SWIFT money transfer system:

  • This system is well-known and is available in all countries worldwide;
  • Sending money with no limitations for amounts;
  • Sending money to both private individuals and legal entities;
  • Sending money in many currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, KZT, CNY, GBP, CHF;

The cost of outgoing SWIFT transfers in Rubles is RUB 200 regardless of the amount!

 Tarrifs of SWIFT money transfer system

Advantages of Zolotaya Korona (‘Golden Crown’) money transfer system:

  • Low fees for transfers to/from Russia and CIS countries; 
  • Sending money in RUB, USD or EUR; 
  • Receiving money within several seconds after delivery; 
  • 40K payment outlets all over Russia and CIS countries;
  • Specifying a destination country and city/town is enough to send money. A remittee chooses a payment outlet that is convenient for him/her;

Tariffs of Zolotaya Korona "Golden Crown" money transfer system         


Advantages of Contact money transfer system:

  • Wide presence - more than 400K outlets in Russia, as well as CIS and non-CIS countries;
  • Sending money in RUB, USD and EUR;
  • Promptness;
  • Low fees depending on amounts transferred;

Tariffs of Contact money transfer system

Kompanion Bank and CONTACT international money transfer provider are extending the “Rushing Into The New Year!” Campaign. Send two transfers in the amount of RUB 20,000+ each (or equivalent in USD, EUR) via CONTACT at Kompanion Bank’s offices in Bishkek and Chui area and get a free backpack! Click here for more details.



Advantages of Western Union money transfer system:

  • service points are available in more than 200 countries;
  • transfers are made in rubles and dollars;
  • it is easy to send money, to receive - easier;
  • transfer fee depends on the amount and destination of transfer;

Tariffs of Western Union money transfer system

Advantages of UNISTREAM

  • Send or receive money in RUB, USD or EUR
  • Global presence (including Russia and CIS countries) with 100,000+ UNISTREAM and partner bank offices
  • Send or receive money at a specific or any UNISTREAM/partner bank office
  • Customer-friendliness
  • Check a status of your payment and calculate a transfer fee online via UNISTREAM website.

Schedule of fees


Bizdin Kompanion, a money transfer provider, makes it quick and easy to transfer money within the country without opening a bank account.

Advantages of Bizdin Kompanion

  • Flexibility. Send or receive money in KGS, USD, EUR or RUB
  • Low fees
  • Promptness. Delivery within four minutes 
  • Convenience. Transfers done without an account 
  • Proximity. Kompanion’s extensive branch network of over 100 branches and offices throughout the country
  • Simplicity. Standard identification is sufficient to send or receive funds
  • Reliability. The Bank guarantees safe delivery of funds

Schedule of fees 

  • In KGS—0.1% of amount transferred; minimum amount—KGS 30
  • up to USD 400—USD 0.5; over USD 400—0.15% of amount transferred
  • up to EUR 335—EUR 0.5; over EUR 335—0.15% of amount transferred
  • up to RUB 13,500—RUB 30; from RUB 13,500 to RUB 100,000—0.15% of amount transferred; over RUB 100,000—0.3% of amount transferred

*In some outlets, ad ditional cash deposit fees may be charged

Tariffs of "Bizdin Kompanion" money transfer system