Bizdin Kompanion

Bizdin Kompanion, a money transfer provider, makes it quick and easy to transfer money within the country without opening a bank account.

Advantages of Bizdin Kompanion

  • Flexibility. Send or receive money in KGS, USD, EUR or RUB
  • Low fees
  • Promptness. Delivery within four minutes 
  • Convenience. Transfers done without an account 
  • Proximity. Kompanion’s extensive branch network of over 100 branches and offices throughout the country
  • Simplicity. Standard identification is sufficient to send or receive funds
  • Reliability. The Bank guarantees safe delivery of funds

Schedule of fees 


up toKGS 40,000 

KGS 40*****

overKGS 40,000

0.1% of remittance amount*****


up toUSD 400

USD 0.6

overUSD 400

0.15% of remittance amount


up to EUR 335

EUR 0.5

over EUR 335

0.15% of remittance amount


up to RUB 27 000

RUB 40

RUB 27 000 – RUB 100 000

0.15% of remittance amount

over RUB100 000

0.3% of remittance amount

*In some outlets, ad ditional cash deposit fees may be charged

Tariffs of "Bizdin Kompanion" money transfer system