Private Customers

Kompanion e-wallet

Kompanion e-wallet is a new generation payment instrument enabling customers to make financial transactions through the easy-to-use mobile application. Payment for various services can be made via the e-wallet, for example: utilities, mobile communications, Internet, television and other services, including loan repayment, deposit opening and replenishing through mobile phone.

E-wallet registration steps:

- enter a mobile phone number;

- enter a one-time PIN- is a password required to login to the appsent by SMS,

- enter a new PIN*.

* It is strongly recommended to create a safe and quite complex PIN. To avoid obvious, easily assumed combinations, such as phone number ending, date of birth, etc., when changing the PIN. It is necessary to follow the personal data security and storage rules when using the e-wallet.

It is also recommended to read the Public Offer - an agreement, where rights and obligations of the User and the Operator are described.