Kompanion e-wallet

E-wallet special features

  • Seamless payment experience – more that 200 services available to pay including utility payments, mobile top up, loan repyaments, deposit replenishments and etc. a wide range of requested services, and also banking services, such as loan repayment, deposit replenishment, current account and payment card replenishment.
  • Easiest way to send money – online user-friendly money transfer process allows you to send money to your peers in one-click. 
  • Keeping your mobile app safe - Touch ID (fingerprint login); facial recognition; have all been implemented to enhance the security of the application.
  • Merchant payments scanning QR codes to create seamless shopping experience seamless. User doesn’t need to have a bank account or purposely go to the bank to open it in order to register in the e-wallet. It is enough to have a mobile phone number to open the e-wallet. In the case of self-registration, the wallet is considered to be unidentified.