About bank

Mission, Objectives, History

Kompanion's mission is to be the leading community development financial institution in Central Asia.  Kompanion supports the strengthening and growth of communities by offering development products and services to entrepreneurs and individuals.  Kompanion’s primary objectives are to:

  • Foster the growth of micro- and small businesses and promote social entrepreneurs so they are able to create opportunities for themselves and others;
  • Lead social enterprise innovation in Central Asia;
  • Promote natural resources conservation and good management practices to our customers and communities;
  • Measure success based on impact evaluation; and
  • Help customers build healthy, financially stable communities.

Company’s history

As the leading global organization for economic development and aid, in 1997 Mercy Corps started to implement the first-ever microlending program in Kyrgyzstan. It is this activity that provides main assistance to people when moving from command to market-driven economy.

As early as in the mid-1998 Mercy Corps launched its own program for lending to small and medium-sized businesses. At the time, Mercy Corps was the first organization in Kyrgyzstan that offered loans for small and medium-sized businesses to individual entrepreneurs. In February 2003, the program was registered as the local microcredit agency, and Mercy Corps became its founder.

Later on, in 2003, Mercy Corps and its five microcredit agencies made a landmark decision to consolidate assets throughout Kyrgyzstan for the purposes of establishing a national community development financial institution―Kompanion. In October 2004, Kompanion was registered with the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic.