Loans to small and medium enterprises (sme)

For entrepreneurs, for business development.

  • “Business” – a quick loan for business development without pledge of real estate or other collateral.
  • "Credit line" – the provision of loans within the general limit of credit line for replenishment of the current assets, including financing the business cycle and seasonal needs.
Interest rate from 22% *
Currency KGS
Loan term from 3 to 60 months during special offer
Loan amount

to KGS 8 500 000.

Collateral Guarantee and/or movable and/or immovable property.

* Effective interest rate from 24,59% during special offer

Unsecured business loans without a guarantee up to KGS 100,000 (KGS 250,000 for repeat clients) are only provided to clients with good credit history in the recent 12 months preceding the application date.

If your collateral is not enough to get the needed loan amount, you can get a guarantee from “Guarantee Fund” JSC.  

For more information and calculation of the full cost of the loan, including the effective interest rate and all customer costs associated with obtaining a loan, contact our branches and savings offices. 

Documents needed to receive a loan:

  • Passports of a borrower, a guarantor, and a pledgor;
  • Income documents of a borrower and guarantors, depending on a loan repayment source: patent, self-employed entrepreneur’s certificate, salary certificate for the last three months, etc.;
  • Collateral documents (if applicable), depending on a type of provided collateral: technical passport of immovable property, title documents for property, vehicle registration certificate, etc.;
  • Other documents as requested by the Bank, depending on a loan type.

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