Statement of the Procedure of concumer enquries

Statement of the Procedure of concumer enquries

Extract from Kompanion Bank’s Grievance Redress Mechanism


1. The Grievance Redress Mechanism (the Mechanism) of Kompanion Bank CJSC (the Bank) has been developed in line with the Kyrgyz law, regulations of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic (NBKR), the Smart Campaign client protection principles, and internal regulations and guidelines of the Bank. 
2. The Mechanism has been set up to coordinate the process of addressing complaints received from the Bank’s clients, analyze grievances, evaluate customer experience and customer satisfaction, and improve the quality of banking products.
3. The Mechanism should be followed by all front office staff of the Bank.
4. When providing financial services and redressing customer complaints, Bank staff should follow the following principles:

a.  legitimacy, integrity, diligence, transparency, reasonableness, impartiality, social responsibility;

b.  respect and safeguard customer rights and legitimate interests; build partnership relations with them;

c.   addressing a complaint and providing a response is a must;

d.  complaints should be addressed in due time, impartially and to the fullest extent;

e.  equal treatment of all customers during grievance redress;

f.   ensure protection and confidentiality of proprietary information.

5. Grievance redress is free of charge. Customers cannot be limited in their right to submit complaints. Complaints cannot be dismissed.


1. The Bank provides to its customers a range of communication channels for submitting complaints. A customer can:

a.  submit a complaint in written form in the Bank’s offices (Head Office, branches, outlets).

b.  submit a complaint via email or leave a feedback on the Bank’s official website (;

c.   call 8800 (free for mobile) or (312) 33 88 00;

d. file a complaint via Whatsapp +996 770 338800

d.  provide a feedback to any of the Bank’s staff members,

e.  leave a feedback in the Customer Feedback Book;

f.   ask for a personal appointment with a Bank Executive or a Branch Director. Appointments are possible during work hours of the Bank as provided in the approved visiting hours schedule published on the Bank’s website or info boards.

2. When submitting a written complaint, a customer should provide the following details:

  • name and contact details (phone number, mail, email, etc.);
  • date of event causing a grievance;
  • grievance;
  • date of filing a complaint;
  • customer’s signature (except for complaints submitted via email or website);
  • client number/account number (optional).

3. Written complaints without name or contact details are considered anonymous and will not be processed. Written complaints using indecent and offending language or threats may be dismissed.
4. Repeat complaints lacking any new evidence or details may be dismissed provided that previous complaints have been responded to the fullest extent and all required actions have been taken.
5. Complaints should be addressed within 30 days.
6. Responses to complaints are signed by an authorized representative of the Bank. A response should be provided in the language of a complaint—Kyrgyz or Russian.
7. A response should be sent to a customer by registered mail with confirmation of receipt, by email (if preferred by a customer) or delivered in person. A response may be provided using all the mentioned channels at once. Should it be a collective complaint, a response will be delivered at the address mentioned first in the complaint, unless indicated otherwise.
8. If a response is provided to a complaint left in the Customer Feedback Book (as requested by a customer), it should be noted in the Customer Feedback Book that a response has been provided in writing, indicating a date and a reference number of a letter.
9. If a customer is not requesting a written response to a complaint left in the Feedback Book, a responsible staff member/Branch Director/HQ Customer Floor Director provides a response to a customer by phone, evaluates how satisfied he/she is with the provided response, and makes a relevant note in the Feedback Book.
10. Any proposals for improvements in the offices are considered without providing a response to a customer. Actions taken should be reflected in the relevant section of the Feedback Book.
11. A responsible Branch employee should make notes about actions taken to address customer feedback in the Feedback Book itself (Annex №1).

12. In case the complaint includes query not related to Bank’s jurisdiction, the customer is advised on further appeal to respective agencies in compliance to the procedure.



 1. The Bank has opened a special hotline by short number 8808 to receive oral complaints from customers about cases of misconduct performed by Bank's employees or suspicion of such actions. Mobile calls to the mentioned short number are toll free for all customers.

2. In the event of witnessing wrongful acts or operations on the part of the Bank's employees, a customer has opportunity to file a complaint both in writing and orally.


1. Any information obtained by Bank staff during grievance redress, including replies to enquiries submitted by the Bank to public authorities, local government bodies or other institutions, should be treated as confidential, except for details reflected in the Feedback Book, because it is available to the general public.

Annex 1