Karakol Branch: “Donate good!”

27 June 2016

 “Donate good!” – this is the slogan of the charity event, which was organized by the Karakol Branch in June 2016. Within the frames of this event, the educatees of rehabilitation centers and children of low-income families were rendered aid. The Bank employees arranged a real holiday for the children- they visited the game zones for together, treated with sweets, presented stationery, toys and presented the most important thing- joy, care and emotional warmth.

  At the centers of “Ornok” in Karakol city, “ Baldar Omur Bulagy” in Tup village, and in Barskoon village, there are all together about 130 children, who are undergoing rehabilitation with different diagnoses: cerebral palsy, Down’s syndrome, autism, delayed psychomotor and speech development, encephalopathy. According to the Karakol Bank employees, after seeing the children with disabilities, someone wants to give more joy and support for the parents, who fight for the rights of their children for life and happiness.

This charity event- is another opportunity to support those children, who we call “special,” who believe in goodness, who fight for the right to life, whose beliefs and hopes for the bright future never die. 

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