Kompanion Invest MCC raised investments from Deutsche Bank

4 May 2017

Kompanion Invest Microcredit Company raised long-term financial investments from Deutsche Bank, the largest German Bank in terms of total assets. The investment agreement was signed on April 21, 2017. The agreement is in full compliance with Sharia standards. The main purpose is to support microfinance products and services that are consistent with Islamic law. The funds were allocated as part of Deutsche Bank’s New Initiatives Fund project that provides accessible financing to low–income clients in developing countries.

Kompanion Invest MCC was established in 2011 by Kompanion Bank CJSC and Kompanion Development, an institution that promotes small and medium enterprises and actively contributes to the development of communities without any commercial purposes.

Kompanion Invest MCC operates in accordance with Sharia standards, providing affordable microfinance services. In July 2016 the company received a certificate from the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic on being fully compliant with Islamic principles of banking and financing.

Deutsche Bank was established in Germany in 1870. The bank has branches in 76 countries worldwide. The number of Deutsche Bank clients is more than 28 million people.

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