Knowledge is power: Kompanion Bank supported opening of five development centers in the framework of the Jailoo Kindergartens project

20 August 2019

For six years Kompanion Bank has been supporting the Jailoo Kindergartens project, which is designated to provide the population with equal access to preschool education. Children of stockbreeders who spend their summer in remote mountainous areas acquire basic knowledge under a specially designed training program in kindergartens in Jailoo. The organizer of the project is the Roza Otunbaeva Initiative International Foundation.

In 2019 Kompanion Bank supported opening of five more kindergartens in jailoo in four regions of Kyrgyzstan, providing necessary stationery for full operation of kindergartens. Children in Naryn, Osh, Batken and Talas regions received stationery kits.

The mission of the Kompanion Bank is to provide socially responsible financial services that boost the economic and social prosperity of clients and communities, gin up the accessibility of the nation to financial services, as well as the environmental integrity. Kompanion Bank strives to integrate social development of society with its financial stability.

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