Elcard’s overdraft for payroll projects

23 October 2017

Overdraft with Kompanion Bank’s Elcard cards allows you to withdraw cash even if your available card balance goes below zero. The limit is up to 100% of salary. In other words, overdraft means anytime access to credit without having to apply for a consumer loan. 

What are the benefits of overdraft?

  • Make urgent purchases at any time without waiting for a payday or borrowing money;
  • It’s simple: you only sign an agreement with the Bank once to use overdraft many times;
  • Your debt is automatically repaid after salary is transferred to your account and you can use overdraft again;
  • Attractive interest rates: 0% when making non-cash payments for products and services (within 30 days), 2.17% when withdrawing cash (within 30 days from the day of withdrawal. Annual interest rate is 26%). Interest is charged on each amount separately. Learn more about overdraft here.

How to get overdraft:

  • Be a holder of Elcard “Payroll Project” card 
  • Sign the Overdraft Agreement
  • Provide a guarantee form your company or two co-workers, if the overdraft amount is from 70 to 100 percent of your salary. If the overdraft amount is below 70 percent, no guarantee is required

For more information, visit Kompanion Bank offices or call our contact center: (312) 33-88-00, 88 00 (free mobile phone calls). 

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