Kompanion Bank supported Too Tokoi Eco-Forum

17 April 2018

On April 14, 2018 Kompanion Bank helped arrange the Too Tokoi (“Mountain Forest” in Kyrgyz) Eco-Forum in Bishkek. The event has put together the best local and international environmental experts. The idea of the forum has underpinned the same-name 40th Section of the Government Program called “40 Steps Into A New Era” aimed at the rehabilitation of natural ecosystems in Kyrgyzstan. Kompanion fully supports the initiatives of the Forum, stands for environmentally conscious behavior and organic farming, and promotes public awareness of economic and social benefits provided by green technologies.

During the panel sessions, the participants voiced that illegal logging, overgrazing and chemical farming adversely affect environment and may have severe environmental consequences in the context of global climate changes, such as accelerated melting of glaciers, reduced biodiversity, air degradation, landslides and mudflows.

During the Forum, Kompanion Bank highlighted the importance of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources (pastures, forests, water, etc.) and shared its experience in using an ethno-ecological approach to development of communities. In 13 years, the Bank has provided more than 17,700 trainings for 44,000 households from 1,017 villages of the country.

Kompanion is the only bank in Kyrgyzstan that has 32 accomplished in-house agronomists and veterinarians. Approximately 12,600 active clients have received free consultations on how to improve their agri businesses. By actually using the knowledge and skills gained from the consultations and trainings, as well as solutions designed by the Bank in gardening, energy efficiency, livestock and pasture land management, famers improve the quality of their crops, increase the livestock productivity, and eventually boost their income.

The forum was hosted by Muras Kyimyly (a public association), Ecofarm (a farming enterprise, Ecomade TM) and TAGS (a communications bureau).

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