25 September 2019

If you have already started saving money, accept our congratulations – this is a sound move towards a secure future. There are various strategies for saving to start accumulating, and it’s never too late to change yours strategy to accumulate faster, more and without detriment to quality of life. For this purpose, the financial literacy experts of Kompanion Bank recommend to pay attention to certain nuances in the process of saving and accumulating funds:

It is better to set goals for accumulation and aim for them. Determine the specific amount of money which you need to save each month. If it strikes you that this amount can be increased without detriment to quality of life, do it. Depositations must remain systematic and equal. But don’t deposit everything. Some amount should remain in a regular card account for special situations. If you save your money only on a card, you take a risk ofwithdrawing your savings or even spending it on an unexpected but a so much desired purchase. And, there is a very likelihood, that you will do it, because it is very easy to withdraw money: it is always within reach, you don’t even have to go to the bank, using ATM is enough.

When you have only one demand deposit account, it seems like money on it is accumulating quickly and it is enough for everything. If you save only for one thing, for example an apartment or a vacation, then everything isok. But if you have several goals, one bank account implies difficulties in calculations and you do not see a concrete progress. It will be more difficult for you to understand,for which expenses this money is enough, and which expenses have to be done later. It’s better to have several accounts for this purpose, each one will be devoted to a specific goal, for example: “house”, “vacation”, “education of a child”. It will be much easier to calculate your finances and see real progress.

Kompanion Bank offers profitable deposits at increased rates up to 12% per annum in national currency, depending on the term of the deposit, with flexible conditions of replenishment schedule. Every client will find suitable conditions targeted at various purposes in the presented line of Kompanion Bank deposits, thanks to which your money will be safe and also will work to your good.  

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Kompanion Bank – isparticipantofthe deposits protection system of the Kyrgyz Republic since 2016. Depositsprotectionagencyof the KR, in accordance with the Law of the KR «On protection of bank deposits» guarantees a refund of monetary funds to every depositor, i.e. in the event of warranty case, depositors will be paid a compensation up to KGS 200,000.00, including   interests on deposits.

Foradditionalinformation, please, contact the customer support service: 0 (312) 33-88-00, 88 00 (call from mobile operators of the KR is free) and to the Bank’s offices.

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